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I remember years ago watching your IMP series, I thought they were ok-ish at the time, but that has to have been years ago by now, and this Flash doesn't give me the impression you've improved on Animating or voice acting in the however many years you've been making Flashes.

It was especially grating here because the voices all sound like they have peaking audio still and the Animations are still just arms and legs on hinges. It might've held my attention when I was younger and Newgrounds consisted entirely of amateurs, but nowadays it just seems too sloppily made.

Still just as funny as your usual fare I might add, but hard to enjoy.

(Probably an error in the actual game, but the Stonehenge isn't even in London, not even near it. :P)


This is, of course, entirely true. :D

You should do a sequel about how some usernames have 'Sonic' 'naruto' or 'madness' in them or something.


Pretty decent flash, I liked the whole parchment type background thing you've got going on, although the animation wasn't up to much, I'd say that's about average.

The voices were pretty good though, I'll give you that. Wasn't that funny though.

Sorry I'm being a bit back and forth in this review but every good thing seems to be countered by a bad thing. The Art style is let down by the animation, the voices are let down by the humour etcetera. Though like I said, a decent flash.

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Looks like somebody copied Portal Defenders' homework and missed out the bits that made it make enjoyable, because this is just Portal Defenders minus being challenging, and missing lots of its content.

The gameplay would've been more fun if the enemies had tactics beside "Walk right at him." because I spent most of my time on the game standing with my back to a wall and giving my fingers a workout by spamming 'A', the shield button is pointless can just walk through you and attack you from behind when you take the shield off.

I did like the bits in the elevator where you randomly pick a weapon to fight with, the only problem is that the weapons aren't very varied and most of them aren't ranged enough to attack them without them invading your personal space first.

Long story short, didn't enjoy it myself because it's just Portal Defenders but with less stuff, but people would enjoy it for the mindless fun value I suppose, which I personally didn't get.

Good good, favorited and five'd.

I liked IWBTG, and I like this too. I suppose my only complaint is that there isn't nearly enough random death traps. Also some of them are pretty predictable on here as well.

Other than that, this is good solid fun. It makes me wanna make my own platform-hell game too.

Awesomes. :D

Pretty interesting, I now quote information from here to sound clever.

I mean, who knew that Pluto was smaller than the moon? Or that 10^-35M was the smallest measurement ever? Not me.

You should definitely do some other science-y thing like this.

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Too loopy.

A pretty well made piece of music here, though while I was listening to it, it took me a few minutes to try to figure out where it belonged exactly, toward the middle, it started to sound like the sort of song that's be in the menu screen of a racing type game, it just gave me that sort of feel.

Also, while the song was well made and interesting to listen to, it sounded too samey throughout, inf act, I just barely noticed it's looped several times while I've been writing this. Nonetheless, if I had a menu for an action packed game that needed a menu, I'd bet this would fit just fine.

McFarlandBEATS responds:


Yeah, I think the problem is that it's 2 minutes long, even if it does have 5 distinct different parts. Of course the underlying theme is very similar between 2 of them (the main chorus) as you pointed out.

I think it would be a better piece if I extended it to 4 minutes and made several different parts. In actuality, my goal was to make it around 4 minutes but after 10 hours of adding/removing new content to the song I settled with 2 minutes.

Maybe I'll try to add new content to it and make an "extended" version?

As far as it looping several times without you noticing, it's working as intended ;)

Rather game-y.

Definitely a very Video Game song, sounds like it'd be the last level of a Action-y/Platform-y game. Or possibly a boss battle. Keep them up!


I very much enjoy, like the sound of it.

How did you make it?

McFarlandBEATS responds:

Thanks! Used FL Studio 8 :)

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This one's ok, it's nice 'n' simple.

Excellent work.

When I looked at it, it made me think, Pk Freeeze!

Omegaro responds:

lol, that's good then, since this is exactly what Lucas is doing. ^^

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